2011 IKEA Catalog in the Hands of Fans Two Weeks Early

Written by Kymm on July 11th, 2010



Fans Score Coveted 2011 IKEA Catalogs Two Weeks in Advance at the First IKEA-Sponsored Fan Event

Hundreds of IKEA Brand Evangelists Will Attend an Exclusive Event in New York City on July 14, 2010 Hosted by IKEA to Celebrate Fans and the Launch of the 2011 Catalog. The Founders of IKEAFANS.com, the Mecca for IKEA’s Most Devoted Aficionados, Will Be on Hand to Launch ‘What’s Your Story?’, a Photo and Video Contest.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 11, 2010 — IKEA fanatics don’t get this kind of opportunity every day. For years, brand fans have paid homage to the iconic blue and yellow furniture store by trekking hundreds of miles to shop and even camping out in the parking lot; now the Swedish furniture retailer is celebrating their most faithful fans at a special event coinciding with the 2011 IKEA catalog launch on July 14th in New York City.
“It’s about time,” remarked Susan Martin, co-founder of www.IKEAFANS.com – an independent website which brings answers to confused IKEA customers, instructions and missing parts to victims of mis-packed flat-packs and comfort and assistance to those frustrated with IKEA’s hands-off approach to customer service. “IKEA is finally recognizing the value of brand evangelists, and we’re honored to be participating in the first IKEA-sponsored fan event,” said Martin. Martin privately confided that what she’s really looking forward to is getting her hands on the 2011 IKEA catalog two weeks in advance of the general public.
She and a select group of IKEA fans from the tri-state area will get that chance this week. IKEA is opening their ‘Organize Your Living, Organize Your Life’ exhibit a day early for the fans and hosting an event complete with a design seminar led by a Better Homes and Gardens editor and a question and answer session with IKEA design experts on Wednesday evening. Attendees will walk away with a bag of gifts from IKEA including their own advance copy of the 2011 IKEA catalog.
Belief in the power of fans to tell a brands’ story inspired IKEAFANS.com’s latest contest, ‘What’s Your Story?’ (www.ikeafans.com/story) which will be kicked off at the event. Beginning on July 18, 2010, photo and video entries of IKEAFANS’ IKEA stories will be accepted from homeowners as well as professionals. Prizes will include IKEA gift cards for amateurs and free advertising on IKEAFANS.com for professionals.
About IKEAFANS, Inc.:
IKEAFANS.com, the world’s leading IKEA fan site was launched by Martin with her husband James in 2005 to provide information and news about the store and its products online for free. The website offers community forums, photo galleries, member blogs, news and articles, a service directory and even an IKEApedia for free. It caters to the needs of IKEA customers who want a more personalized experience, particularly in the area of kitchen design. The community currently boasts more than 150,000 members worldwide.
IKEAFANS’ founders Susan and James Martin live in Montross, VA with their two children and manage the website from home.

How NOT to Get Hired at IKEA

Written by The IKEA World on November 6th, 2009

Or any company really. But we’re concerned with IKEA hiring practices here, so here’s what NOT to do if you want to get hired at IKEA. This took place on the social media site, Twitter.com and is in the public domain. I just recorded it for posterity:


Never mind the appalling lack of language skills; check out the final tweet. Perhaps it’s not the age so much as the lack of maturity that’s holding you back, darlin’. Seriously – social media is called social for a reason … there are lots of people with their ears to the ground and one of them might just be your potential future hiring manager. 4real!

IKEA Drug Testing

To answer the question that’s likely on everyone’s mind: Does IKEA do drug testing prior to employment? Yes. You’ll be asked to submit to a cheek swab, so there’s no faking it with someone else’s pee like if it were a ‘piss test’.

In this type of drug test, a swab that looks similar to a toothbrush with an absorbant pad instead of bristles is held in the mouth between the gum and cheek for a period of 2 minutes, then it is placed into a collection vial to be sent for testing. This form of saliva test can detect marijuana and thc, heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. Unlike urine, or hair tests, the saliva test can only detect drugs used within the previous 72 hours or so.

Still, if you’re slinging my flatpacks around, stay off the weed.

Co-Worker of the Year: Easy to Assemble Series

Written by The IKEA World on October 11th, 2009

Starring Illeana Douglas and a host of c0-stars, including Justine Bateman, Tom Arnold, Keanu Reeves and others, this second season of the IKEA branded web series is all about who will be voted Co-Worker of the Year. You can vote! Just hit the Easy To Assemble series website to vote.  Watch here each week for a new episode and follow the coverage at IKEAFANS.com!

How to Get Hired at IKEA

Written by Kymm on August 31st, 2009

Tips on how to get a job at IKEA

cscawthon writes to ask about Getting Hired at IKEA:

Hopefully someone can give me some feedback on getting a foot in the door. I have responded to numerous positions, but have never been called for an interview. I am highly qualified, experienced and enthusiastic. I have had experts review my resume, and I know that it is outstanding. I have gone to my local store to try to speak to the hiring manager, but was not able to do so. I have tried to call the HR manager, but only get voice mail. I have left messages, but my call has not been returned. What’s up? Any suggestions?

Answer from fries_n_gravy, a coworker at IKEA Orange, in Costa Mesa, CA:

There’s not really a hiring manager per se; each candidate is reviewed by whoever his/her manager would be (for example, a position in Beds would be picked and interviewed by the Beds manager).

Did you apply online? For some reason the online aspect is highly essential. Go to IKEA | Job search and follow the application process. It looks like there are a number of sales jobs there, so all you have to do is plug in your info and apply for those specific jobs. If all else fails, you can print out a cover letter and resume and leave it with someone downstairs to pass on.

I got hired by going to a job fair that I found out about only a couple of days earlier (sheer luck). After a period of waiting and snacking on Swedish candy, there was a manager-led roundrobin interview with a group of people; after that, the manager filters out the prospective candidates to relevant department managers where they conduct individual interviews.

I’d imagine it’s a little bit more competitive, but it’s way easier to shine in that environment (I know I dazzled the **** out of my manager). Still, for the job fair thing, you need to apply online to be in the system (not sure if they keep a copy of your resume with your file or what). Also, they’re not held all that often, so check with you local IKEA.

Tips on Getting Hired at IKEA:

Apply online first – you must have an online application in the system to be considered for a job.

Be competitive – you are competing against many hundreds of other qualified people for the same job if you’re applying for a new store opening (and these days, even for a regular opening!). Shine.

Don’t count on your resume – Make personal contacts, show up at a job fair, or talk to current co-workers about what’s important to be hired in the department in which you want to work.

Follow up – these days, simply writing a thank you note after an interview may be enough to make you stand out from the crowd.  Call back only if you haven’t heard a thing after 2-3 weeks.

Good luck!

IKEA Austrialia Reaches Benefits Agreement with Union

Written by Kymm on July 11th, 2009

IKEA and the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association have reached an agreement that offers the best parental leave plan I’ve ever heard of!  The agreement offers 26 weeks (that’s six months for those of you doing the math!) maternity leave and four weeks paternity leave, at full pay, to Co-workers who have been with the company at least two years. New moms also have the option of taking 12 months maternity leave at half-pay.  The offer is available to same-sex couples as well. :)

David Hood, Ikea Australia’s country manager, told new.com.au the new agreement aims to

“create a better everyday life for co-workers.

“Despite the prospect of rising unemployment rates, it still remains a challenge to attract and retain a diverse group of co-workers,” he said.

“By offering some of the best employee benefits in Australia, we are demonstrating our commitment to co-workers, and aim to be ranked amongst the best employers of choice in the retail sector.

“Our core customers are families with young children, and we want our co-worker team to reflect this. Supporting family life at home for co-workers is one of the best ways we can achieve this aim.”